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Women's Therapy Group in Oxford

I am running a therapy group for women to bring issues related to sex, sexuality and intimacy, commencing in January 2024.

So often in individual therapy, someone says tentatively, apologetically, 'is it ok if... am I allowed... to talk about sex ?' Here, we would especially invite that, because there are so few spaces where women can speak freely about their sex lives, sexual feelings, sexual hang-ups, sexual 'norms' (or otherwise), sexual relationships, sexual harassment and trauma, how we feel about and inhabit our bodies, the absence of sexual feelings, the absence of sex, the difference between sex and intimacy, what intimacy really is... etc.

Group therapy offers the unique opportunity to share, learn and support one another in looking at habitual patterns of relating, patterns of intimacy (or avoidance thereof), with ourselves and with others, particularly by paying attention to here-and-now experience in the group. Inevitably, when it works well, people feel less alone and can benefit from the holding energy and power of group learning. I would at times also offer guided activities to help deepen into embodied presence, using breath, meditation, movement, art, and of course words, so that each woman can come to feel included and visible.

If this is something you feel you would be interested in attending, please get in touch.

How to be part of the group

We would need to do an assessment session prior to joining the group to be sure it meets your needs, and that the mix of members works well-enough. There would be a fee of £50 for the assessment, which may take 45-60 mins. Please note that this group would not be suitable for addressing sexual trauma if you have not had therapy before (individual therapy is recommended). It would be a closed group with a maximum of 8 members (including myself). The cost would be £40 per person per 1.5 hour session. Email me at if you are interested.

Experience I bring

I have been part of personal development groups, therapy training groups, art groups, dance groups, spiritual practice groups, and environmental groups for most of my adult life. I have experienced the transformational power of groups. When they work well, they can be more powerful in effecting change & healing than individual therapy, or other kinds of individual practice.

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist & a supervisor & I would draw on experience in relational body psychotherapy, supervision, tantra (as taught by Jan Day), parts work, contemporary trauma practice, buddhism, art groups, group work, and dance.

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